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The Young Lions Jazz Conservatory will begin holding its first classes in August, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve already secured partnerships with Jazz 88.3–KSDS, Lost Ark Studio, Panama 66, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the San Diego Symphony!

We are now offering an extraordinary partnership opportunity as we formally announce our search for space. We are overwhelmed by all of the positive community response that we’ve already received – thank you to the local schools and organizations who have offered space and to the individuals who have even offered up the use of their homes!!

If you want to bring art, culture, life, audience, PR, and community support to your business, organization, or venue, and you think you are the right partner for this wonderful new addition to San Diego’s jazz and music culture, send us a message. We are looking for a long-term home that can support the future of jazz, and we invite you to fill out the form below to share your interest. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and for sharing this with your network of connections and friends.

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